‘Dog Whisperer’ accused of Animal Cruelty

Garden-Route-SPCAA Mossel Bay dog trainer has been charged with animal cruelty. The man, who had the reputation of a ‘dog whisperer’, has been practicing in Mossel Bay for 3-4 years. Claims that he had caused the death of a small dog and loss of hearing in others caused the local SPCA to investigate.

The man is said to have tormented dogs with sharp objects for hours on end, and also to have throttled them. According to the manager of the Mosselbay SPCA Mynie Mynhardt the organisation has prepared at least 15 charges against the man. According to Mynhardt various people, including a DA councillor, are willing to testify against the man. Apparently all breeds and sizes of dogs bore the brunt of the ‘dog whisperer’s’ wrath, as did African Grey parrots. The man cannot be identified as he has not pleaded yet.



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