Dagga Olympics!

The huge haul of dagga. Photo: SAPS

The huge haul of dagga. Photo: SAPS

Eastern Cape – According to the South African Police Service dagga valued at R3 840 000 was confiscated. The compressed dagga filled 16 bags; with each bag weighing 30 kg. It was being transported inside a trailer but the trailer never got to its destination as police and provincial traffic officers were conducting a roadblock on the N10 at the Cradock / Graaff-Reiner / Middelburg intersection. A 29-year-old man was arrested.

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    The problem with having too many laws is that you have to back them up with the threat of violence. If you are going to criminalize drug use, for instance, you have decided that you are willing to send people to kick in your neighbor’s door, with guns drawn and haul him off to jail for doing something as innocuous as smoking pot. Not only is this unethical, it’s dangerous for everyone involved and it’s a patently insane use of resources – Sam Harris, author, philosopher



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