Cliffhanger Jooste’s a winner

Cliffhanger and Stephen Jooste in the restaurant.

Cliffhanger and Stephen Jooste at the restaurant. Photos:

Some dogs have it just so good. Cliffhanger “Cliffie” Jooste is one of them. She spends her days lounging in The H❤rt Breadhouse & Eatery in Melkbosstrand. Owner Stephen Jooste, who manages the restaurant, says he adopted her six years ago. It was a cliffhanger moment, hence her name.

Adventure and lazy days followed.

Adventure and lazy days followed.

“She was on top of a shack. People told me that she had been brought up by a cat. She had a bit of an identity crisis,” he explains. Since that day Cliffie has accompanied Stephen on a 1000 km trip up the Orange River. Sometimes she was in the cano and sometimes she was in the water. Sometimes she’d go in pursuit of monkeys on the banks of the river.

At present Cliffie is taking life slowly, savoring the last rays of autumn sunshine inside the restaurant, as well as in Stephen’s bike’s basket.



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