Tired of being Ripped Off? Come to the Cheapest Coffee shop in SA

Xpresso Cafe: Photos: Xpressocafe.co.za

XPRESSO: Photos: Xpressocafe.co.za

Are you tired of being ripped off? Then head over to the  XPRESSO Café in Wellington Road in Durbanville where every tasty item on the menu costs R10. Yes, that’s all.

Tired of being ripped off
Owner Clyde Elhadad tells Melkbos.net that the idea for a super affordable coffee shop resulted from “being so tired of being ripped off. You pay R30 for a cup of coffee which is sometimes not even good. A wrap costs R50-R60. There is no reason,” Elhadad says, “Why anyone should pay R25-R30 for a coffee. Even I, a business owner (he is in the security industry’s distribution side) can’t afford a coffee and something to eat every morning at a coffee shop. It is ridiculous.”

“Not everything is about money,” Elhadad says. “We hope to create a culture. We’re going to create jobs and give people opportunities. We will have three shops but we will eventually sell them to our employees. In the beginning it’s a paradox because people don’t understand what we’re doing. We hope to attract the right suppliers who won’t mind cutting into their profit.”

xpresso-cafeXPRESSO Café  is making a profit already. “A small profit,” Elhadad says. “It’s a game of numbers. If we sell 50 cups a day we won’t make it.”

Another two XPRESSO Cafés  are set to open on 1 November, at no 61 Adderleystreet and in the Cape Gate Center.

XPRESSO Café: Phone 021 286 0744 or email info@xpressocafe.co.za, no 21 Wellington road, Basol Building, Durbanville



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