Cattle on the R27!

Cattle can be found along the R27. Photo: By Lea Maimone. – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Drivers on the R27 have to contend with more than just speeding fellow drivers. They also have to look out for cattle in the road!

A cow was knocked down near Silwerstroomstrand on Saturday night. Photographer Denise Crawford was travelling in the direction of Melkbosstrand at around 8 pm when she saw a cow lying next to the road, and three cars standing alongside the road. Police were on the scene to warn motorists that one lane had been closed. This was not the first time that Crawford has encountered cows along the R27.

On 12 May, en route to Velddrif, Crawford also saw a cow next to the road near Silwerstroomstrand. She informed Cape Talk Radio, which then warned listeners to be on the lookout.

Denise Crawford’s car after she crashed into a herd of cattle in the dark. Photo: Denise Crawford

In 2013 Crawford crashed into a herd of cattle being driven in the dark across the road some 13 km outside Velddrif. A spotlight was used to warn motorists of the cattle but instead of warning her, it blinded her. She crashed into the cattle, and her car was a write-off.

Cattle can also be found on the road outside Mamre. Please be cautious when driving along this road, Crawford warns.



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