Captive Wildlife fought over Water

Indigenous and exotic wildlife have been seized. Photo: NSPCA

Indigenous and exotic wildlife have been seized. Photo: NSPCA

Dehydrated and parasitic. These were the conditions in which indigenous and exotic wildlife were being kept in cages on a property in the north of Johannesburg.

No drinkable water
The NSPCA was alerted to the plight of the animals and raided the property on 11 August in conjunction with officials from the Gauteng Enforcement and Compliance Department and the SAPS Endangered Species Unit. “Many of the animals did not have access to potable drinking water and it appeared that it had been that way for some time. Some of the cages had excessive amounts of accumulated faeces.

During our inspection of the property, the owner was instructed to provide the animals with water and some animals were actually fighting with each other to access the water containers.”

Animals removed
The NSPCA removed some of the animals and warned the owner in terms of the Animals Protection Act that the conditions of the remaining animals must be improved. Inspectors from Environmental Management Inspectors seized predominantly indigenous wildlife, as the owner could not produce paperwork or permits for them. The indigenous wildlife has subsequently been taken to a rehabilitation centre.

Charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act, Gauteng Nature Conservation Ordinances and National Environmental Management and Biodiversity Act against the owner are pending. The NSPCA says, “Situations like these are not uncommon. The lucrative trade in indigenous and exotic wild animals as pets fuels the cruelty, leading to situations such as the one outlined above.”



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