Cameraman will be Prosecuted

SPCACape of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson Tara McGovern today confirmed that the youth who filmed the torture and killing of a dog in Manenberg recently will also be prosecuted. The SPCA has opened a criminal case against eight youths whose ages range from seven to 18. McGovern says that the SPCA will be working closely with Manenberg police station.

The dog’s story needed to be told
Commenting on the disturbing nature of the video footage which the SPCA released, McGovern says, “While we acknowledge this video footage is graphic and disturbing, we made the decision to make it public because we felt that this dog’s story needed to be told. This is the type of cruelty we are faced with on a daily basis and we refuse to allow her to become another nameless, voiceless victim of animal cruelty.

Understand what is happening
In addition to this we cannot in good conscience sensor reality. We are of the firm belief that the public have the right to know what is happening in their communities and understand the necessity for the existence of their local SPCA.

We wish to bring to the public’s attention that a child’s education begins at home, for example, children might pull the cat’s tail out of curiosity or mischief. These can be teachable moments for us to build empathy by pointing out that an animal has feelings. We want the public to understand the importance of our education programme and how teaching children to have compassion for all forms of life will in the long term result in adults with broader sympathies and a reduced propensity to become involved in violent crimes as adults.”



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