Bus Rolls, 50 Injured

The bus rolled down an embankment. Photo: ER24

The bus rolled down an embankment. Photo: ER24

According to ER24 spokeperson Russel Meiring at least 50 children (15-18) were injured this afternoon after a school bus rolled down an embankment off the R603 in Umbumbulu in KwaZulu Natal.

ER24 paramedics, along with various services, found the bus lying on its roof down a small embankment. Most of the children had already climbed out of the vehicle and had made their way up to the roadside.

Bus 2Approximately 50 patients had sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate. Paramedics from various services began treating the patients and transporting them to various hospitals for urgent treatment. The cause of this collision is not known.



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