Burglary goes Pear-shaped for Burglar

A burglary in Parklands went pear-shaped for the burglar.

The burglar was caught in the act before dawn yesterday morning by Table View police.

Bicycle propped against a wall
According to police spokesperson Captain Adriana Chandler officers were busy with routine crime prevention patrols in Parklands when they noticed a bicycle propped up against the wall of a house in St Johns Road. Upon closer inspection the officers saw a man trying to force a window open with a garden tool.  The suspect managed to get into the house, where he helped himself to a laptop and a knife.

The officers climbed over the wall, onto the roof of the house. Upon seeing them the burglar tried to escape by jumping through a window, and over a wall.

Hiding in a dustbin
The officers went in search of the burglar, whom they discovered hiding in a dustbin not far from the house – with the items he had stolen. These were identified by the home owner, who had been woken up. The home owner informed police that he has an alarm system, but that it is not activated at night.



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