Brooklyn: Alleged Human Traffickers to Appear in Court

Two brothers are to appear in court on charges of human trafficking and rape. The older of the men (aged 37) was arrested on 13 September at a house in Brooklyn, while his 26-year-old sibling was arrested yesterday.

House in Brooklyn
It is alleged that they recruited vulnerable females to work as sex workers at their house in Brooklyn. A 16-year-old girl from Gugulethu allegedly ended up at the house during the weekend of 9 September. She reportedly ended up being raped by the older brother during her brief stay.

Found second woman
The victim managed to alert authorities on 12 September, whereupon members of the Hawks’ Anti-Human Trafficking team were summoned to the scene. Preliminary investigations revealed that there was a second victim, a 29-year-old woman, in the house. Both victims apparently stated that they were being held in the house against their will. The older brother was arrested on the spot.

He subsequently appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on 14 September, whereupon his case was postponed to 7 November. The younger brother is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow.



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