BraaiBoy’s Recipe for Boerewors Sushi

Braai like a Braailympian: BraaiBoy takes us by the hand into the hallowed halls of the barbeque. Herewith his recipe for Boerewors Sushi. You will never make it to the end of the year without this one …

Braaiboy says that he developed the recipe after Supa Quick asked him “to join them for South Africa’s 1st World Cup game (VS Japan). When they asked me for some suggestion on what we would serve …it hit me … Since we’re playing Japan in our first game … Braai Sushi! This recipe is a little twist on the original Braai Sushi recipe though. I’m using boerewors instead of mince.

boerewors-sushi-1Boerewors Sushi

Inspired by the original #BraaiSushi recipe, this one uses Boerewors

Servings: 2 People
Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes

Serving: 2 People
Units: Metric


1. Make a Bacon Weave


2. Cover 2/3 of the bacon weave with grated cheese


3. Place the boerewors on the grated cheese


4. Roll it up


5. Braai on indirect heat for 20 minutes


6. Baste with Brafia sauce and braai for another 10 minutes


7. Slice into “California Roll” portions and serve with Brafia Next Level dipping sauce!


8. Recipe Notes
You can find out how to make a bacon weave over here:”

It’s easy-peasy. Watch BraaiBoy make Braai Sushi here



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