Bins: Deliver us from Dirt

Bins will be delivered this week.

More bins will be delivered this week.

Good-bye, litter! The area around the MyCiti station in Otto du Plessis Drive will get additional garbage bins this week. And it is thanks to residents who decided to speak up and demand their rights. Recently received a complaint about the lack of bins and consequent littering in this vicinity, which we passed on to the city fathers.

Our letter to them was short and succinct. “Some residents of Melkbosstrand are dissatisfied with MyCiti, as they blame the MyCiti users for littering in the town center. According to residents the introduction of the bus service should have been accompanied by an increase in bins. ” The original complaints specified how people were forced to deposit their rubbish on the ground next to the few full bins, from where the wind would blow the rubbish about.

Speedy response
Counsellor Ernest Sonnenberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, responded a day after we reported the complaint. “Following an inspection of the site, it was decided that the area would benefit from additional bins placed along Otto Du Plessis Drive, close to the bus stop, as well as an additional bin in front of the station. Installation is scheduled for next week, with completion expected by 3 June 2016.” Sonnenberg added that “The area receives cleaning services three times per week.”

6th Busiest Station
In October last year the city reported that Melkbosstrand has the sixth busiest MyCiti station. The influx of people and concomitant lack of bins had a side-effect, however, which had not been foreseen. Yes, it may have reduced the carbon footprint but in its wake came an increase in litter. This week things will hopefully change.

The six most popular MyCiti stations are:
Civic Centre with 207 797 recorded instances of boarding, transfer and alighting
Table View with 163 928
Adderley with 155 809
Atlantis with 148 992
Dunoon with 76 310
Melkbosstrand with 67 919



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