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Q & A with Mrs R4R Supreme Queen SA and best Dressed 2016 Anita Senekal

Anita and hubby Jaco Senekal. Photos: Provided

Anita and hubby Jaco Senekal. Photos: Provided Anita, congrats on adding the title of Mrs R4R Supreme Queen SA and best Dressed 2016 to your other titles! I wasn’t surprised. You looked like a fairy princess in your white ball gown. Talk to me about that dress … and the others … and the event.
Anita: Loray Louw sponsored the dress. She bought it in Dubai and it has been a saving grace as I lost so much weight that the dress from Glitz & Glam which I was going to wear did not fit any more. I think Loray’s dress sums up who I am. I love dressing in a way that is stylish and feminine. We had to model different outfits for the judges. We started off in the morning dressed in jeans, red tops and white jackets. It suited the event’s red and white theme. It was a special day and I was impressed by the friendliness of the contestants. You immediately embarked on a new round of charity work.
Anita: My life has become even busier than it was! I’ve decided to concentrate on our farm schools because people tend to forget about them. The owner of Jane’s Guest House in Saldanha Bay, mrs Jane Louw, invited me to visit her farm school in Redelinghuys.

Chic in red and white.

Chic in red and white.

I handed out Cupcakes of Hope and it turned out to be a special day. I wish you could have seen the faces of the little girls when they got to wear the tiara. The children’s reaction to my speech showed me that deep inside each and everyone is a dream. At the moment I’m busy with another farm school project. It is called Build-a-Puzzle-for-Jesus. Who organises your busy schedule? You must be stretched to the limit with your full-time job, modelling and charity work.
Anita: I organise everything. Things get pretty hectic but Jaco (Anita’s husband) supports me all the way. Do you ever get stage fright?
Anita (laughs): I always get a queasy feeling! I stress a lot. I try not to let it show because people have certain expectations of one when one is in the public eye.

The farm school at Redelinghuys.

The farm school at Redelinghuys. Please share your beauty secrets.
Anita: I’ve got a good skincare routine and although I have a sweet tooth it is balanced by my also enjoying healthy food. Jaco sees to it that I stick to my diet and drink a lot of water. When we go gymming I have to make an effort to keep up with him. Heyno Kraft, my personal fitness trainer is also a biokineticist, and he is strict with me. He sees to it that I fit into my dresses.

Anita loves relaxing at Bean in Love in Paarl.

Anita loves relaxing at Bean in Love in Paarl. What do you do to relax?
Anita: A visit to Bean in Love Coffee house & Roasteria  in Paarl does the trick! I love its friendly atmosphere and the view of the Paarl Mountain. We switch off our cellphones and focus on having quality family time.

Anita Senekal wishes to thank Jaco Senekal, Mariechen Schoeman for her admin and designs, Loray Louw, Jane’s Guest House  in Saldanha Bay, Waltons in Vredenburg, One80 Degree Beautique Salon, Laguna Mall, Langebaan, Yolanda Venter, Petra Mei, Chris Krogner, V2 Electrical Cape Town, Alex Plus Hair & Beauty Academy, Cape Town, Bargain Books, Laguna Mall, Langebaan and Maretha Morkel (Glitz & Glam, Saldanha)



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