‘Back Grumpy not Trumpy’

"Vote Grumpy not Trumpy." Graphic: Facebook

“Vote Grumpy not Trumpy.” Graphic: Facebook

Forget about Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. Disillusionment with a presidential race that is said to be dirtier than a “cat’s litter box,” has lead to a swathe of fans vowing allegiance to Grumpy Cat, a small cat known for her disgruntled air.

The comments appeared on Grumpy Cat’s Facebook page after the second debate between Clinton and Trump. A photo of the grumpster along with the words, “Don’t meet me in St Louis. I wasn’t invited,” spawned declarations of allegiance. After the second debate Grumpy Cat’s comment of “Hold the campaign trail – need to stop for Friskies,” looks like subtle political commentary.

Pocket Rocket: Grumpy Cat. Photo: Wikipedia

Grumpy Cat is not impressed. Photo: Wikipedia

Grumpy Cat’s followers responded as one. “Grumpy = best president ever,” “Grumpy got my vote,” “He would be just as good as who’s running,” “Grumpy is much better than those two clowns running for president” and “Back Grumpy not Trumpy.”

Litter box
One fan observed “Grumpy’s litter box is cleaner than this Campaign 2016 has been.” This comment was echoed. “Grumpy would make an excellent president. And I agree, Janet. Her litter box is certainly a lot cleaner than the news we have been bombarded with concerning the election.”
Grumpy Cat is the professional name of Tardar Sauce.



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