Atlantis Man Unscathed after Murder Attempt

The firearm that was used. Photo: SAPS

The firearm that was used. Photo: SAPS

The guardian angel of a man from Atlantis must have worked overtime on Saturday afternoon when a group of alleged gang members tried to kill him.  The man managed to escape unscathed although a few shots were fired at him.

According to police spokesperson Captain F.C. Van Wyk the incident took place in Platbos Street in Atlantis. The man was walking along with some friends when a white Toyota Tazz stopped next to them.

Inside the car were four men (29-39). “One of the occupants got out, took out a firearm and pointed the firearm at the complainant. The suspect pulled the trigger and the firearm allegedly jammed. At that point another passenger got out of the vehicle and fired three shots at the complainant.” The man who had been the target of the shooting and his friends ran off. Not one of them had been injured.

Police arrived in time to witness the shooting
Patrolling police heard the shots and arrived in time to witness the shooting. When the police arrived the men got back into the Tazz and drove off at high speed. According to Captain Van Wyk a high speed chase through Atlantis ensued. All exit roads were blocked and the Tazz was stopped in Grosvenor Avenue. At this point the four men tried to flee on foot. They were quickly arrested.

Police found an illegal, unlicensed firearm with live ammunition inside the Tazz. The four men were detained on charges related to possession of a firearm and ammunition without a license. A case of attempted murder and pointing of a firearm are under investigation. The suspects will appear in the Atlantis magistrate’s court.



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