Anita and the ‘Miracle Girl’

Anita Senekal with Tiana-Leigh Smith. Photo:

Anita Senekal with Tiana-Leigh Smith. Photos: Mariechen Schoeman

Anita Senekal has love to share. Photo:

Anita has love to share.

Beauty queen Anita Senekal has love to share. She has been known to say that her love for her husband runs like an endless river through her life, that he is her oxygen and her anchor. And she says so whenever her fans get going about how they wish that she was single – whereupon people warn them that Anita’s husband is a boxer. Which is not true, she laughs. And now the Saldanha Bay beauty has taken to her heart a sick young girl.

Dubbed a “miracle child” 10-year-old Tiana-Leigh Smith has faced one medical battle after the other since birth. Born with a rare lung disease and epilepsy, she also had to have her left kidney removed at the age of 18 months due to cancer. Each subsequent year has brought infections and viruses.

Surrounded by children. Photo ...

Surrounded by children.

“Here for a greater purpose”
In 2014 Tiana-Leigh’s parents were told that her prospects were hopeless and advised to go for counselling. Instead of giving up the Smith family moved to Cape Town and got a new set of doctors and surgeons, and new hope. Her parents have remained stout-hearted and say, “She is here for a greater purpose – to reach and win souls for the Kingdom.” But the reality is that Tiana-Leigh’s medical treatment is costly and her medical aid can’t cover the cost of her all her medical needs, which includes oxygen.

This year the Ribbons4Roses pageant has decided to donate the proceeds of their pageant to Tiana-Leigh. And although Anita wasn’t planning on taking part in the pageant she decided to do so for Tiana-Leigh. Anita says simply, “I love her lots. She’s my princess. She’s my reason for taking part in the pageant.”

Anita has made it into the finals. But that was a given. Now one only has to wait and see what happens on the night of 1 October at GrandWest’s Market Hall – and hope that an outpouring of love will result in Tiana-Leigh getting another chance at a measure of health.

Anita's collecting teddy bears for her Teddy Bear of Hope project.

Anita’s collecting teddy bears for her Teddy Bear of Hope project.

In the meantime Anita is collecting teddy bears for her Teddy Bear of Hope project here on the West Coast. She started this project last year, and on 12 September she intends to give the teddies to a group of 200-300 children. This is one lady who sure has a whole lot of love to give.

Anita Senekal wishes to express her gratitude to all of her sponsors: “As brand ambassador for One80degree I wish to thank Dazzle Beauty beauty salon and Glitz & Glam Dress Hire for supporting all my projects with love and for always receiving me like a queen. You’re the best! A big thank you, too, to Chris Kroger. Be the Change you want to see in the World…”



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