Angels of Mercy under Attack

They’re angels of mercy but they are increasingly being attacked, robbed and ambushed. According to Eyewitness News 30 attacks on paramedics have been reported in the last 8 months. In an interview with Eyewitness News some ER24 paramedics talk about how the threat of violence impacts on their labour of love. “You don’t know who is an innocent bystander,” a paramedic comments as the ER24 vehicle stops outside a house.

One paramedic comments that they always make sure that everything is locked. Then they proceed into the house not knowing if danger is waiting for them. A woman paramedic admits that her family is “worried all the time. For some reason,” she says, “You just come back … and make the most of it.” (Video footage: Eyewitness News, photo ER24)



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