78-year-Old Tours World in Vintage Car

Heidi Hetzer with Table View in the background. Photo: Heidi Hetzer

Heidi Hetzer with Table View in the background. Photo: Heidi Hetzer

You are never too old to live your dream. 78-year-old Berlin resident Heidi Hetzer is living her dream and travelling the world. For the past two years the former auto dealer, rally driver and popular public figure has been touring the world’s continents in the way she loves best. In her Hudson “Hudo” that dates back to 1930…

Heidi arrived in Cape Town recently. This is the second last leg of her tour and the photos she has been posting on Instagram and on her website seem especially beautiful. She has written about what prompted her to start out on this epic journey on Findmespot.com.

“I am more or less following in the tracks of German woman Clärenore Stinnes, who made a similar journey from 1927 to 1929. The trip will take a little more than 2 years. Europe to Asia to Australia and New Zealand, U.S.A., South America, Southern Africa and back to Europe. We hope to be back home in Berlin in March 2017.”

You can follow this amazing woman’s progress on her Instagram account or on her website which is titled appropriately Heidi Around the World. You can also email her on meet.heidi.along.the.way@gmail.com



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