2017’s Crime Stats

The recently released crime stats show that the police have their hands full. The good news is that Melkbosstrand looks like a pretty safe haven in a turbulent sea. The same cannot be said for Atlantis however. While Melkbosstrand had no murders in 2017 and only two attempted murders in the same period, Atlantis had 62 murders and 93 attempted murders. Atlantis also had 265 cases of assault with the intention to inflict grievous bodily harm in the period and 2638 cases of drug related crimes.

Atlantis: 62
Melkbosstrand: 0
Milnerton: 38
Table View: 10

Attempted murder
Atlantis: 93
Melkbosstrand: 2
Milnerton: 29
Table View: 9

Assault with the intention to inflict grievous bodily harm
Atlantis: 265
Melkbosstrand: 29
Milnerton: 296
Table View: 80

Burglary at residential premises
Atlantis: 592
Melkbosstrand: 129
Milnerton: 717
Table View: 776

Drug related crime
Atlantis: 2638
Melkbosstrand: 98
Milnerton: 824
Table View: 748

Atlantis: 6
Melkbosstrand: 1
Milnerton: 63
Table View: 8

Atlantis: 41
Melkbosstrand: 4
Milnerton: 65
Table View: 34

For more detailed information visit http://www.crimestatssa.com/



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